Before and Afters
These are all actual patient cases done by Nappy Lam DDS
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Porcelain crowns to fix decay and failling composite fillings
This patient had some aged tooth colored fillings(top) replaced with a combination of crowns and veneers

2 Cerec veneers to correct length issues and decay
Only 2 veneers were done in this case to correct the length issues.

6 cerec crowns
Note the amount of overlap the 2 front teeth had prior to treatment.

One day cerec smile makeover
This patient only was in town for 24 hours.  We did this case to the best of our ability in the time allotted infact time ran out before we got to work on the lower teeth.

Invisalign Orthodontics
Invisalign orthodontics was used here to move and rotate a few teeth.   Do you want your teeth straight?  Please call us for a free consultation (503)771-2212

Old amalgams can be replaced with porcelain onlays
Old leaking amalgams replaced with porcelain onlays, done in about an hour utilizing CAD/CAM technology.

cerec crown replacing failing amalgam
Here is a leaking and failing amalgam(silver filling) that was replaced with a CEREC CAD/CAM crown.

A quadrant of crowns
This patient chose the very lightest shades for her quadrant of crowns. 

Broken cusp fixed with an onlay in about an hour
This patient broke off the cusp of the tooth while eating a brownie.  We placed a porcelain onlay to conserve the tooth structure that was remaining.

Porcleain onlay replacing failing amalgam
This patient had decay underneath an existing leaking amalgam filling.  We replaced it with a porcelain onlay to conserve tooth structure.

dark crown margin at gumline
It is quite common to have dark margins around teeth that have been crowned.  We can fix these problems as shown here.

Soft tissue laser used by Nappy Lam DDS to remove fibroma
This patient had this piece of tissue that she kept biting on.  After a small amount of anesthetic was placed around the tissue, a laser was used to excise it and it was later found that this was a benign or harmless piece of tissue.

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